How I became a Microsoft Excel Consultant


Have you watched Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford University commencement address? If yes, then you'll remember his talk about connecting the dots backward. It can't be more true than in my life!

I have this black-hole sort of mind, that never stops absorbing everything around me (currently seeking satisfaction in books written centuries ago). So like Mr Jobs did say, "You can never connect your life's dots forward but only backward". I have stopped trying to streamline my learning/reading and stopped trying to connect my life's dots forward. Now I simply learn all that interests me and overfeed my ravenous mind.

The latest result, is that I have somehow morphed into a Microsoft Excel Consultant. 

And in this post I intend to connect the dots backward to show how this remarkable change occurred. 
All throughout my university days I was always learning a new programming language, and right before I leave the learner's stage I move on to another language. So, I have learnt and coded VB before. Note this

Then, after Nokia Siemens Networks downsized (me out of job), I moved to a data/business analysis job role at Comviva and started learning the awesomeness of Microsoft Excel all from scratch. I bought several books from Amazon, read them and practised hard. I memorised long and several keyboard shortcuts to make my data analysis process easier. I began implementing several complex formulae to link several reports, so that I can make one almighty report that has all the data I will ever need for any adhoc report, and have the other reports automatically update from this almighty report. And ultimately, I began learning VBA to automate the making of that almighty report.

Then I changed job, and in this new job I have been designing several reports from the most cryptic system log I have ever come across. One of these logs actually took me two weeks to decrypt - to understand the data fields and the values arrangement. 

So now, I have been writing VBA macros like crazy! Only VBA macro can make my life bearable in this job, one of the reports have over 64 sheets; more than 60 columns and 30 rows per sheet: and must be made daily. Another is so complex only VBA macro can make it. And I have to make 10 complex daily reports, and one monthly report; and still head the Service Delivery department! Even if I were a Superman and the company was a Metro-city, I wouldn't wait for a Megamind before I'll quit.

The remarkable thing is, erstwhile, I really never considered a side job in Microsoft Excel Consultancy until someone told me that that is what I'm doing under another job title. And BOOM! A light bulb exploded in my head, and I began connecting the dots backward.

Well, now you know how I became a Microsoft Excel Consultant.

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