Yahoo! messenger now lets you chat with your facebook friends

We all know when it comes to text chatting, Yahoo! messenger leads the pack. The timely notification of friends online status change, individual (independent) window for each chat session, no Skype-link downtime and it's the good old Yahoo messenger!

Now imagine chatting via Yahoo! messenger with your Facebook friends. The chat looks less intrusive (as it is on the Facebook site) and you get to focus easily on your other activities (but should be done outside work hours). Best enjoyed during the weekends, when you'll like to keep in touch with friends and not have to dedicate a whole webpage to it, let alone the back and forth navigation to that page. That is what the latest version of Yahoo! messenger just made possible.

So in this post I am going to show you how to use this new feature of Yahoo! Messenger.
Firstly, you'll need to install the latest version. Launch your Yahoo! messenger and click on Help menu at the top left and select Check for Update. A web page will open in your default browser and the download link of the new version will show on the page. Download and run the Yahoo! messenger installer app, you will need internet connection to fully install the Yahoo! messenger. The installer app will download the messenger and install it. Be careful not to tick every box that confronts you, especially if you don't need the yahoo toolbar and don't intend to make yahoo search your default search tool.

Launch the messenger after installation. Click on File menu, snapshot provided below. And select Preferences.

On the Preferences window, in the left pane select Connected Networks. And Link to Facebook, in the snapshot below my Facebook is already linked so that is why the Link to Facebook is being replaced with Manage my Facebook Link. If you want you can also link your twitter account, but I didn't see any twitter feed show in my Yahoo! messenger.

Now you will see a separate category below your formerly existing categories, showing your Facebook friends online.

If you want to chat with any of them, just place your mouse pointer to the leftmost side of the name, click and select Instant Message.

The remainder is like Yahoo! messenger chatting and you should be good to go.

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