Google+ on a computer and on android phone, apple's iOS to follow

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Finally, Apple approves Google+ app! The only issue is, iPod (regardless of the generation) and iPad are not supported, in fact, I couldn't search out the app on my iPod 4G. 

That aside, in this post I am going to share with you what the Google+ looks like on web via a computer and on android via the android app.

The snapshots below are of the web (computer).

While below are the screenshots from the Google+ android app

I would have loved to provide you the iOS screenshots, but no problem, you can get some here 
And to install it on a jailbroken iPod, just check here 

One more thing, if you live outside US, you won't be able to download the Google+ app from the android market (just like that). There is a workaround thanks to   and an app called MarketEnabler. Install the app (note that it requires your phone to be rooted).

Launch it.

Select Settings list 

Select the T-mobile option for 2 to 3 seconds till a prompt shows up. And fake this provider now

Launch the Market app and search for google+

The Market will now show you a result like the one below.

Install and start circling!


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