My Newly Found Obsession

People bottle me in a first impression
And clone me out of my first expression
They know most of me after a first encounter
Claiming intimacy with my very character
But after the encounters are a few more
And their impressions gone on a number tour
They run out of suitable bottles
And the initial clone crumbles
Still they work hard like I carry a bet
To fix me somewhere in their mind's cabinet
And to my great disappointment
I end up in a file tagged "different"
The harder I try to change the file
The more I get stuck like a tile
Though I'm getting used to the label
I still consider it an unpublished libel
I limit my activities to what is common
And try hard to be like everyone
But no one seems to notice my progress
They all have me laid like a game of chess
So I gave up and told myself
Since I get to shock no one but myself
I am quitting being like everyone
I am moving on to the uncommon
And fulfilling this new resolution
Is my newly found obsession


  1. I love this poem, Michael! It's something one can really relate to. Thanks for expressing the hearts of many.

  2. Wow! So I aint alone. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Beautiful, bro! And, u def aint alone! I've been called a lot of things by those who claim to "know him". Maybe they know what I once was. Still, I'm d only one who knows exactly what I wanna be!

  4. Thanks bro! Sorry it took me this long to respond, still having partial internet access.

    And yeah, they rarely see beyond our past.


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