Learn From the Personal Career Journeys of My Ghanaian Superstar and 2 Nigerian MVPs

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Join us today at 2:00pm (WAT), 4:00pm (WAT) and 6:00pm (WAT) as I bring you exciting interviews and demo sessions from awesome data analysis experts who are making waves in their space.

Session 1
The first is my session with the special Bernard Obeng Boateng whose impact stretch from Ghana to Nigeria, claim your participation slot at https://www.meetup.com/Financial-Modeling-Valuation-Learning-Community/events/ncwlsrybcjbqb/

1. Expert Journey Interview - Bernard Obeng Boateng (BEST)
2. AFM (Advanced Financial Modeler) Certification
3. Other Questions & Answers

See you in the online live class session!

Joining link is https://vip.urbizedge.com/fin-mod-live

Bernard Obeng Boateng is a Financial Modeler and Data Analyst with work experience in Banking, Insurance and Business Development. Bernard is skilled in Business Analytics, Dashboards and building financial models for budgeting, business valuation, scenario planning and investments. He also provides consultancy services for SMEs (startups and existing) in financial management, business planning and research.

He is certified in Business Analytics, New Venture Financing and Risk Modeling and provides training in Financial Modeling, Analytics and Microsoft Excel for individuals and organizations.

Bernard is co-founder of Business Evolution Systems and Training Ltd (www.best-gh.com) an approved training provider in Ghana for the Financial Modeling Institute, Canada.

You can connect with him on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/bernardobengboateng/ and you should subscribe to his YouTube channel to get super useful Excel tips, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9wBo_091Lu_rvLSqDIoo6A

Session 2
Then, there is the session with MVP David Abiola at 4:00pm and you can claim your participantion slot at https://www.meetup.com/Microsoft-Excel-and-Data-Analysis-Learning-Community/events/hmzlsrybcjbqb/

1. Expert Journey Interview - David Abiola, MVP (Excel Jet Consult)
2. Excel Tricks
3. Other Questions & Answers

See you in the online live class session!

Abiola David is the founder of Excel Jet Consult. He has trained professionals from many organizations in Nigeria including Senior Staffs at Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources, Rose of Sharon Foundation, Access Bank to mention few.

His love for Excel and desire to upscale the Excel knowledge of Nigerians, made him to partner with NGOs to deliver free Excel and Power BI training for students at different Federal Universities in Nigeria pro bono. An avid blogger, he regularly share his wide technical expertise on his website which attract thousands of visitors from around the world.

Abiola David has published two books on Excel: Microsoft Excel for Professionals and Microsoft Excel Advanced Masterclass for Professionals.

He is an active contributor in the Microsoft Forum and regularly share technical videos on Youtube, https://youtube.com/user/Born2begrait

Session 3
And at 6:00pm we get to hear from the indefatigable MVP Ayodeji Folarin you can claim your participantion slot at https://www.meetup.com/Power-BI-Learning-Community/events/cmzlsrybcjbqb/

1. Expert Journey Interview - Ayodeji Folarin, MVP
2. Live Demo
3. Other Questions & Answers

See you on the online live class session!

Ayodeji is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, BI Developer, Data Platform Evangelist, Data warehouse and Dashboard/Business Reporting Expert

With over 23 years in the computing arena, Ayodeji has focused on data platform solutions around Microsoft Azure and Office 365. He has helped many companies to migrate their systems to the cloud and get insight from their data source for the past 10 years.

Ayodeji has passion for teaching and community engagement. He is a well-known speaker at many local and international conferences like MCT Summits, Power BI User Groups, PASS Local Groups, Microsoft Student Partners Events and other meetups. He loves to be on stage both at large events and at smaller user groups meetings, exchanging ideas with other SQL and BI fans. He loves traveling for work and to engage with local user groups, so always watch out for his next event around you.

Ayodeji has been certified as a Microsoft Trainer for over 5 years. He has been involved in presenting, community speaking and helping other professionals in the better usage and taking advantage of Microsoft's data solutions from flat files to RDBMS for example Excel, Access, SQL server, Power BI, MSBI, Azure SQL and many more.

Starting as a developer back in 1994, programming COBOL, BASIC and FORTRAN, Ayodeji has helped companies in multiple countries in many business areas to design and deploy their computing solutions. His love for spreadsheet and application development made him develop a spreadsheet application with VB4 to compete with Lotus 123 then.

Achieving his first Microsoft certification in 2010 as SQL Server 2008 Database Administrator and DB Developer, that same year he got his certification on Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 web and Desktop developer track. He now decides to focus his career around Microsoft's data platform. He is certified in recent release of SQL and Microsoft Power BI (Excel and Power BI Desktop).

You can connect with him on Linkedin via https://www.linkedin.com/in/ayodeji-folarin/ and be wowed by his one of a kind website, https://dejifolarin.com


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