Got Someone Awaiting Admission to University and Interested in Data Analysis? We've Got a Paid Intern Slot for him/her.

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If you have a ward or know someone young who is awaiting admission to university or polytechnic and interested in a paid internship, do notify him or her.

He/she should send a CV or profile (or even in the body of an email) to 

We are making a commitment to helping young people get ahead with data analysis skills. We have created a platform, where we would be creating data analysis clubs in every university, polytechnic and colleges in Nigeria. We would be making it fun and rewarding to learn data analysis while creating internship and job opportunities for the members. We have gamefied it to -- cash/tangible awards to best student, awards to best school, national competitions, exposure to global competitions and points per learning/teaching activity.

And we are starting with ourselves as regards internship opportunities. From this year on, we target to intern 2 to 4 students each year. We would expose them to the data analysis space professionally and put them through our certificate courses for free. Also, they would earn a stipend to cover their transport and feeding during this internship period. The internship is planned to be a revolving 3 - 6 months one. As one intern goes, another comes to fill the vacant slot.

Again, if you have anyone who has not graduated university but has finished secondary school, let him/her apply. He/she just need to send his/her CV or profile to



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