I'll Be Presenting At The Global Excel Summit in London. Get A Registration Discount Code.

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In April 2020 I will, alongside 13 other global experts, be presenting at the Olympia, London for the first Global Excel Summit.

I will be presenting on how to earn high consulting income in low income countries. An interesting topic. I figured since many people will be presenting on technical sides I should pick a topic I am uniquely experienced in.

And since the start of my Excel consulting journey in 2012, I have seen a lot and skillfully moved from getting peanuts for my expertise to charging as high as N357,000 for a 1h45mins talk. And close to a million Naira for a one day teaching job. Though now, there are lots of overhead, a few full-time staff and some expensive solutions we are developing that gulp all the income but without properly positioning myself to earn high consulting income, we would never have moved to having full-time staff nor developing mass market solutions.

Truthfully, it is not all my consulting engagements that pay well. The figures I quoted above are the outliers (rare exceptions). We still have some clients who do pay not much but we have figured out a way to get more than the industry average, what the typical consultant in our field in a country like Nigeria gets. We have figured out an excellent way to turn our consulting service to a high margin good volume product and attract the right type of clients in a way that we can get above market rates from them.

I would be sharing all those strategies during the presentation. I will also mention how I get, with no marketing work on my side, $55/hr at my free time gigs. 

To register, visit https://globalexcelsummit.com/ and you can use my discount coupon: Michael-10%


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