How I Am Using Netflix To Improve My French Language Learning

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I recently came upon a nice trick that is enabling me to combine my love for blockbuster Hollywood movies and French. 

I found out that if I did one tiny change to my profile on Netflix I am able to get French subtitles option and even French audio in the movies I watch on Netflix.

And today, I am sharing with you that trick.

1. Log in to Netflix

2. Click on your profile image on the top right and click on Manage Profile

3. Select a profile to make the change to, if you want you can create a new profile specifically for this.

4. Change the language of the profile to French (or whichever language you are learning).

And voila!

Now you can watch movies in French or still in English but with French subtitles.

It works for other languages too. So if you are learning Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese or any other language, do try out this tip. 

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