Complete list of Glo Nigeria data bundle plans, price, activation codes and validity period


Updated: 2 June, 2017

Here is the complete list of Glo Nigeria data bundle plans, price, activation codes and validity period. Copied directly from Glo Official Website. They've got the best value for money plans among the Telcos.

Plan Details

3G-4G Plan NamePrice (N)Data VolumeData Volume with 100% BonusValiditySMS to 777USSD Code
N50 DATA PLAN5015MB30MB1 Day14*127*14#
N100 DATAPLAN10035MB70MB1 Day51*127*51#
N200 DATA PLAN200100MB200MB5 Days56*127*56#
N500 DATA PLAN500800MB1.6GB10 Days57*127*57#
N1,000 DATA PLAN1,0001.6GB3.2GB30 Days53*127*53#
N2000 DATA PLAN2,0003.75GB7.5GB30 Days55*127*55#
N2,500 DATA PLAN2,5005GB10GB30 Days58*127*58#
N3,000 DATA PLAN3,0006GB12GB30 Days54*127*54#
N4,000 DATA PLAN4,0008GB16GB30 Days59*127*59#
N5,000 DATA PLAN5,00012GB24GB30 Days11*127*2#
N8,000 DATA PLAN8,00016GB32GB30 Days12*127*1#
N10,000 DATA PLAN10,00023GB46GB30 Days15*127*11#
N15,000 DATA PLAN15,00030GB60GB30 Days16*127*12#
N18,000 DATA PLAN18,00045GB90GB30 Days17*127*13#
Are you out of data before end of your validity or you just want added data to your current plan? Boost your data plan by 1GB for just N500 OR by 300MB for just N200. Dial *777# to buy extra data (1GB Data Plan Boost is for 1GB plans or higher)
 ***New Customers would get Double Volume (Existing as of Today, please refer to the tables above).
 ***All Existing Customers who will have continuous subscription of data plans would also continue to enjoy the Double Volume.
 ***There would be a grace period of 3 days to still enjoy the benefits of continuous subscription.
 ***Customers who fail to renew their data plans within 3 Days of the Expiry of their Data Plans would get HALF the Data Volume.
 ***The Benefits of continuous subscription and the volume advantage would be communicated in the standard threshold alerts that go to the customer.
 ***All the other attributes of these plans remain unchanged (i.e Gifting, Sharing etc).

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  1. I think if there is a way to roll over an unfinished data subscription, then Platinum 30GB 30 days plan would sound more interesting for my office.

  2. Hi Osward, why not try Spectranet. They seem perfect for your need.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. What do i use for my lumia 920 to enable me brosse fast

  4. Hi Sonia,

    The Lumia 920 is a good quality smartphone and will connect to the internet as fast as any other smartphone, without you doing anything special.

    Just make sure that you enable 3G.

    Thanks for your comment.

  5. Hw can i switch to glo network frm another network

  6. I doubt if there is any bonus data attached to these bundles

  7. Sure, you can "port" to another network. Saka has done it and a lot of people too!

  8. Hi Ebiteme,

    You're right, no bonus data attached.

    Thanks for commenting!

  9. Hi pls I do I subscribe my ipad

  10. Hi,

    As long as your iPad has got a SIM slot, it's very easy.

    Look for the data bundle you want to subscribe for and dial it's subscription code. And voila! You'll be subscribed.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  11. please can the laptop/netbook bundle work on smartphones?

  12. Please can I roll over my data on android

  13. Glo internet bundles and plans have been updated and even new plans added.
    100naira is now for 20mb daily
    1000naira for 350mb monthly
    and new plans added are:
    2000naira for 800mb monthly
    and 200naira for 50mb 3days.
    source: (using a glo sim)

  14. Hi Anonymous Pal 1,

    I don't know if you can roll over Glo data plans.

  15. Hi Anonymous Pal 2,

    Thanks for the details. I'll work on updating the entire post too.

    Thanks again!

  16. Pls on expiration of my present subscription how do I renew,is it automatic renewal.


  17. How can I configure my new Tecno m5 manually becos I called their customer service, she said it does not have automatic configuration. Kindly help me

  18. Why is bb subscription far beta than all other subscriptions? I think you guys should increase it #1000 for 1Gig

  19. Sir Michael,what code can i use to subscribe for 50mb data plan?

  20. Is there any special code for data plan activation on windows mobile...

  21. Please how do I check my data balance?

  22. Please, how can I check my data browsing balance. Thanks.

  23. Does glo not have night data plan?

  24. I did not subscribe for anything, but every month 100naira will be deducted as renewal by this code 4444. Please remove my number from any form subscription. Thanks.

  25. Hi Prisca,

    You can send an email to That is the most reliable way to reach directly the people who can help resolve this kind of issue.

    Best of luck.

  26. Last week, i subscribed for 'Always Micro' - N1000. I was surprised to receive 300MB. I think you should make findings and update your list if necessary. Thanks

  27. which plan will work in ipad

  28. Hi Scandal, Thanks for the feedback. Will check to see that my listings are reflective of any recent changes.

  29. Hi Anonymous,

    Any of the plans will work on an iPad.


  30. I got an email asking for my passwords for a email server that is not your company.But the email came from your company asking for these details.
    What type of business are you involved in?

  31. Hi Jerry,

    I think you meant Globacom where you stated "your company". I believe you should read them directly by calling the customer care line, 121.


  32. what code can I use to check my data balance for BB10

  33. For bb10 data balance text status to 777

  34. Which is the best data plans most suitable for my Samsung galaxy tab?

  35. Which is the best data plans most suitable for my Samsung galaxy tab?

  36. I think Airtel Android 2.0 plan, it will give you 2GB for NGN2,000 and lasts 30 days Dial *437# to subscribe

  37. I have tried to maintain the glo & airtel networks as my prime service providers but unfortunately I am being more disappointed especially on the irregular and exorbitant tariff charges coupled with erratic network connections.

  38. pls what code can i use for my sony android

  39. Nice article! an app was created just for that on android,

  40. Pls Michael, how can I unsubscribe to instance surf service on glo network, pls help, thanks.

  41. I just subscribed to the monthly GLO Data bundle for N1,000 on my Nokia X2 phone but its not connecting to internet.what do i do please?

  42. I've come a long way in data subscriptions... And if you talk about free browsing cheats am a semi pro in that field as well if not completely a pro.

    Glo has done for us all what the payoneers like MTN and Airtel have never thought of doing since their existence.

    Recently, Etisalat upped the price of their data bundle plans by adding a few hundreds to the initial price. But Glo came out the next week and Updated its Data Bundle plans by adding a few Megabytes to the volume while still offering them at the same price most networks couldnt beats for ages.

    A thing like that can only happen when you put your customers first!

  43. Nice Write up, glo are finally the grand-masters of Data, See another blazing cheat Here...

  44. See another blazing glo, mtn, aitel and etisalat cheat at []...

  45. I mistakenly activated BB1000 glo data bundle on Microsoft lumia 535 windows phone, although data bundle balance was sighted but I was ask to change my APN to gloflat which I have done. But till now I'm unable to make use of my data bundle. My glo lte line number is 07056638712. Please what is the solution to this problem?


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